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“I often receive offers to participate in various exhibitions and competitions. Including international ones. This is an interesting experience and an opportunity to interact with the audience and with professionals in painting ... ”- says the artist Yulia Zelinskaya. Julia lives and works in Moscow. She has been painting since childhood, graduated from an art school. But, according to her, she came to the realization of herself as an artist later, having already graduated from the Russian Academy of Justice at the Supreme Court and the Supreme Arbitration Court of Moscow.

I have built a successful career in jurisprudence, but I have always found time to paint. After a series of life circumstances and upheavals, the universe simply turned me 180 degrees and showed that it was impossible to wait any longer. Painting is what I need.

To define her work, Julia uses the formulation "theatrical realism". Theater is a concentration of emotions, feelings, dynamics, time; fantasy and reality combine to create a wave of emotions for the viewer. In a theatrical performance, you can find a combination of genres, one performance sometimes contains drama, comedy, and mystery.

According to my feelings, I am translating this combination onto the canvas. Or the canvas itself reveals secrets to me ... I hope the viewer sees each of my works not statically, but in the dynamics of feelings that I experience during my communication with the canvas.

About exhibitions as new opportunities

I like to participate in exhibitions. For example, in 2018 I received an invitation from the Scientific Committee of the International Biennale of Nations in Venice. The Biennale of Nations is a prestigious event designed to bring together many representatives of contemporary art. The event will include sections on landscape, figure, sculpture, watercolors, photography and video art. It should be noted the incredibly high level of organization, the authoritative jury and world-famous art critics. Participation and victory in such contests provide a chance to receive not only a cash prize, but also a free exhibition, reviews or publication. And, of course, get acquainted with the work of other artists. A very rewarding experience.
It is difficult to single out any one victory as the most significant. All of them are valuable to me in their own way. It is important for an artist to be able to exhibit paintings, to look for ways to interact with the viewer. At the 2018 Venice Biennale, I received a free exhibition in an Italian museum as an award. My works have been exhibited at the Diocesan Museum of Francesco Gonzaga (Mantua). Earlier, in 2017, in Hong Kong, I was awarded a certificate for a free exhibition organized by the World Contemporary Artists WCA team. And despite the fact that due to unforeseen circumstances the exhibition did not take place, it allowed me to get acquainted with a strong team from different countries. Getting to know each artist is like getting to know a new world.

Any exhibition and meeting can open up chances and opportunities for you. In Hong Kong, I met a curator who later invited me to Korea to hold exhibitions. It turned out to be a short trip around the country, with great organization and care for the artists. A positive atmosphere of communication with creative people, while everything is thought out at the highest level. Then I fell in love with Korea.

In 2018 I was nominated for the International Prize GIULIO CESARE - ART EMPEROR, which is awarded in the heart of Rome. Thanks to this, my works were published in the Art International Contemporary Magazine. In 2019, I was also nominated for the Artist of the Year 2019 award. It is awarded to a small number of authors who have distinguished themselves in the current year and who, through their work, have contributed to the popularization of art. The award was presented at the Social Theater in Mantua. And again there was a publication of my works in Art International Contemporary Magazine.

I see victories not just as a symbol of recognition, but more as an incentive to work further. Go to the next level.
Exhibitions allow you to declare yourself and get the assessment of reputable experts. This is an opportunity for development and acquaintance with colleagues in the shop.

Exciting moments

When I just thought about participating in contests, I registered on the resources where you can find out what events are taking place in Russia and in the world. Now I'm not looking for them on purpose, but I carefully study the invitations that I receive in the mail. I try not to miss good biennials and exhibitions.

I am an artist, not an athlete, and I do not set myself the goal of participating. First of all, I think about the picture and the idea that I put into it. And at this moment I can influence the results of the competition. In fact, there are no other situations in contests that the artist can influence. Everything I could do was done in the workshop. Next is the work of the distinguished jury. Will the canvas be able to conquer the judges? What emotions will it evoke, will it hold the attention?

By and large, there is no opportunity to communicate with the jury. Moreover, they speak foreign languages. There are contests where many artists from different directions participate. For example, at the Venice Biennale, according to my calculations, there were 200-300 participants. What can be done if there are so many competitors? Only to create a picture that is difficult to pass by.

The most difficult thing is the presentation of the prize. You have to go out in front of the jury and a lot of people. For a moment, you are the main character, not your work.

An artist is a profession for the brave

Somehow I came across an article about the 10,000 hours it takes to become a professional. They are important for more than just brain training and skill acquisition. They are needed to worship their cause. It is impossible to be carried away for a long time if you are not completely absorbed. Work is becoming a way of life. Therefore, I cannot say that I deliberately achieved something. I just can't help drawing.

I had an interesting case. After the wedding, my husband and I went on vacation. It would seem that what could be better: sea, sun, sand ... a dream. And now, after a few days, I discovered that I already lacked brushes and canvas. Although before the trip, I imagined that I could only swim and rest for a month.

If you are truly passionate, you are not afraid of difficulties, you give yourself completely to the process. Total immersion hones skill and leads to sudden discoveries and discoveries. This is CREATION, magic that can only arise if you really love what you do.

For me, competitions are like a litmus test. I see the assessment of professional critics and, importantly, the responses of the audience. This helps to understand whether my work really touches hearts, whether the contact has worked out.

There is another side of the coin. Exhibitions and competitions are an opportunity to sell your paintings. An artist is a profession for people who are not afraid of everyday difficulties. By participating in exhibitions, you get inspiration and nourishment for further movement. I always think that this is a great opportunity for buyers to see and feel your work in the real world. For art connoisseurs, it can be just as important to own works as it is for us artists to create.

If the artist confines himself to the space of the studio and evaluating only the immediate environment, sooner or later, inspiration may dry up. It is worth "testing" the connection between the world and creativity. Therefore, participation in competitions, exhibitions, prizes gives you a real appreciation of creativity and understands into which unknown distances the muse attracts you.

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