Yuliya Zelinskaya
Destined for Abundance Destined for Abundance Yuliya Zelinskaya
Guardians of the Roads Guardians of the Roads Yuliya Zelinskaya
Destined for Affluence Destined for Affluence Yuliya Zelinskaya
The Way of Destiny The Way of Destiny Yuliya Zelinskaya
Time travel Time travel Yuliya Zelinskaya


Destined for Abundance

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Destined for Affluence

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The Way of Destiny

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The Nebula of  Equality

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Ocean of the universe

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Time travel

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And this, too, shall pass away

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To Art Lovers all over the World, It is my deepest pleasure to share my Art to the World, so everyone can share my joy and to others if they choose and to see my dreams of my manifestations come to life in my works, as I have done and as I will be doing. This is my living and if you see something that captures your attention or you want a personal exclusive painting, make a note of it and contact me, Yuliya Zelinskaya through my website and I'm sure we can come to an agreement to the ownership of any of my art pieces or works of art!

Thank you, so much, for taking your time to view my dreams of Art, and may it have open your mind to new adventures and much Love to those whom encourage and support my art and me!

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